The Questech Family of Products


Clothes and dishes are cleaned most effectively by machine; the patented Clensatron Contact Lens Cleaners deliver the same kind of effective cleaning to all types of contact lenses . The CL300 standard model is a compact, battery operated unit that provides full functionality to clean, rinse, and disinfect contact lenses. The 700 CL deluxe model offers an AC/DC power extension option with an automatic shutoff as well as all the features of the basic 300 model. By providing hands-free cleaning, the Clensatron units reduce the risk of losing or tearing one's contact lenses while rubbing them with one's fingers and provide an easy and convenient method of assuring that the lenses are cleaned thoroughly.


The ThermoPulse Pain Relief Therapy System incorporates a unique, heat-activated, topical analgesic cream and a special electronic heating pad designed to produce a gentle pulsing heat that enables the cream to work most effectively, enabling its analgesics to penetrate deep into the skin. Tested and recommended by the National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain, the Therapy System can employ dry or moist heat for activation. Unlike counterirritant-based topical creams, the heat activated ThermoPulse cream can be used with heat to ease the distress. While the therapeutic cream can be heat activated with or without the ThermoPulse heating pad, the pad has been designed to enable the cream to provide maximum results. There is no other topical product on the market using this innovative technology.


As we age, our facial blood circulation is reduced. Clarity will help restore that circulation. Utilizing the scientifically proven ThermoPulse technology and complementary heat activated creams, the Clarity Heat Activated Skin Care System provides a leading-edge means of increasing the skin's firmness, tone, and elasticity, according to clinical studies. Suitable for both women and men of all skin types, the Clarity System has been shown to provide a positive effect on skin moisture and natural oil level. Initially developed for exclusive European health spas, the Clarity System has been clinically tested, proven, and recommended by the renowned Dermatest Research Institute of Germany and the Centre for European DermaCosmetics of France.



The perfect accessory for any computer user. The MemoMouse multifunction accessory incorporates features that enable the user to perform actions with ease. An integrated, solid-state digital voice recorder enables the user to take quick vocal notes without having to stop working to jot down thoughts. A flashing indicator is incorporated to remind the user that the recorder contains information to be accessed. The recorder is removable, so that it can be taken to other computer/workstation sites. The built-in calculator enables users to make rapid calculations without having to call up the computer system's calculator function; an integral LCD clock is included. The neoprene surface makes tracking more effective than the majority of conventional mousepads, and the anti-skid backing keeps the unit in place. The MemoMouse unit incorporates an ergonomic design, using air cell cushioning, that minimizes the risk of developing carpal-tunnel syndrome. This accessory also makes a highly effective promotional item: if ordered in volume, it can be customized (logo, corporate colors, etc).


The perfect accessory for the traveler on the go. Questech International's locking luggage strap is available in a variety of colors that helps identify identify luggage easily from a distance. Its three-number combination lock helps protect against theft, as does its adjustment feature that cannot be accessed unless the strap is unlocked. Particularly useful in airports, where many similar pieces of luggage may be found on a carousel, the locking luggage strap combines security, identification, and protection in an eye-pleasing product.


The ethereal beauty of Angels is sculptured into every one of our Angel Watches. There are two Angel Watch themes. The "Prayer Time" watch is a spiritual Angel theme with an engraved Biblical message. The "Ariel Watch" is a personal Angel theme. Both themes are made with a choice of either distinctive 16K gold plating and genuine Austrian crystal, or Silvertone palladium and marcasite. Every watch has a precision Japanese quartz movement, is water and shock resistance, and has a stainless steel back. Prayer Time and Ariel Angel Watches bring your "Guardian Angels" to your side with elegance and beauty.


An easy and simple means of ensuring accurate coffee measurements when preparing to brew, the Questech Coffee Dispenser snaps onto standard 1-pound coffee cans. In addition to eliminating the spillage caused by scooping, the Coffee Dispenser helps to keep coffee fresher while insuring that coffee measurements are always as intended: there's no need to keep count, since the user just has to pre-set the desired measurement.


Paperback books are great, but holding them open can sometimes be a chore. Questech's Paperback Page Holder accessory gives any reader a hand by holding pages open. Compact and easily stored, the Page Holder is made of durable transparent plastic, designed to hold pages flat without interfering with the ability to read text. Its unique design enables users to turn pages easily without having to remove the unit. When not in use, the Page Holder can be folded to become a bookmark.